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Applied Wisdom: Learn The Big Belly Breath!

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Breathe deep and face any challenge that comes your way

People don't often take time every day to breathe consciously and deep enough to get the stress-reducing, mood-lifting benefits of this life-giving automatic response. The big belly breath is a simple, effective practice to reset your body and mind, plus give you a peaceful presence of mind to take on the challenges of every day.

The Big Belly Breath

The big belly breath reduces stress and increases resiliency. But there's more! It lowers the heart rate, blood pressure and resets your parasympathetic nervous system away from the fight, flight, or flee options.

The good news is that you can pause and do the big belly breath consciously anywhere at any time.

"Breath deep, work mindfully, live well." - Kristina Mercier

Personally, I pause several times a day whether I need it or not and take a few minutes to breathe deep, slow down, and reset my body and mind. Of course, I practice breathwork before every coaching session, client meeting, and speaking engagement. Done often, you will discover how it uniquely benefits you!

The key to the big belly breath is learning how to breathe deep into the belly first and not high into the chest (most of us habitually do the latter). So let's take a moment to try it out!

Note: All Core Momentum coaching programs include an opportunity to learn and practice Big Belly breathing.

Here's how to do basic Big Belly Breathing:

  1. Stand or sit comfortably.

  2. Place a hand on your low belly.

  3. Close your eyes and inhale through your nose.

  4. Key step! While inhaling, practice letting your belly loosen and fill the abdomen first, fill your lower ribcage, and finally, your upper chest.

  5. Hold your breath briefly.

  6. Exhale purposefully through your mouth and contract the abdominal muscles to push out all of the air from your lungs.

  7. Hold your breath out briefly.

  8. Repeat five times.

How do you feel? Is this something you want to do more of daily? Try saying a phrase that holds meaning for you when you breathe in: "Breathing in I am calm and confident." When you exhale, say: "Breathing out, I let all tension and worry go."

Note: If you have never tried this breath technique before, you might feel light-headed. Be sure to try this out while seated first.

Get Inspired!

Get to the core and gain momentum to bring out the best of yourself. The world needs us all to step and share our gifts. No time to waste! If this got you thinking (and feeling something good), schedule a Discovery Call with Kristina today!

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