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StrengthsCORE™ | Deep Dive
8 or 12 Weeks Intensive
Worklife Leadership Coaching Program


We all embody a unique set of strengths to share with the world. These strengths inform how we lead, make decisions, what motivates us or makes us struggle, how we build relationships, and what kind of work fulfills us. 


StrengthsCORE™, an effective and transformational self-awareness process, leads you through a deep dive of your top 10 strengths from the CliftonStrengths Assessment. Be the leader in your worklife!

  • Understand and appreciate your unique set of strengths.

  • Become skilled at effectively applying your strengths to maximize your effectiveness and achieve worklife goals.

  • Learn how to optimize and combine multiple strengths to empower yourself, support others, and manage change. 


In parallel, we refine vision and mission statements, define your worklife purpose, and build a new language to talk about and describe your strengths.


Take the next step in your professional journey--and experience increased worklife fulfillment. Which direction do you want to take?

  • Become a more engaged and collaborative leader

  • Tap your creative energy and lead with innovation

  • Build your confidence to ask for what you want

  • Deepen your self-awareness and be more productive

  • Discover your inner leader and change your career path

  • Learn your patterns of thinking, what you do best and why

  • Create your personal worklife vision, mission, and purpose

When you are fulfilled, all those around you are uplifted. 



Discover and explore your talents.



Appreciate and embody your uniqueness.



Engage and experience your potential.



Accelerate and energize your strengths.


"Her fresh view and probing techniques to identify the main issues were a great help. I would highly recommend Kristina’s program to anyone who is in a transition or looking to more clearly define his or her goals both professionally and personally.” 

- L. Halladay, SVP Business Development

"In our discussions, it was great to have that reinforcement of what makes me tick. Since coaching with you, I have been more focused on achieving my daily goals. I think this is a testament to your skills and to why many people who are successful have personal coaches."

- S. Planko, Engineering Manager

"The StrengthsCORE™ process generated a new sense of appreciation for my natural strengths and what I’m capable of achieving. The experience shifted my mindset."

- A. Sauvie, Educator

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