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StrengthsCORE™ | Explore
Clifton Strengths Assessment Exploration


Our natural strengths come so easy to us that they are often overlooked as valuable and unique. When we recognize them, understand them, and learn to apply them consciously, our mindset shifts. We become empowered.

StrengthsCORE™ Explore leads you through an empowering self-awareness process of your top five strengths from the CliftonStrengths Assessment.


We start with a framework overview and then spend time with each of your top five strengths to understand, appreciate, optimize and apply it in your real life to achieve your career goals. Learn about your intrinsic behavior, motivations, problem-solving approaches, and what you are naturally good at doing

  • Understand and appreciate your unique set of strengths.

  • Become skilled at effectively applying your strengths to maximize your effectiveness and achieve worklife goals.

  • Learn how to talk about your strengths to land your dream job or improve your worklife

  • Discover your non-negotiable worklife values 

When you are fulfilled, all those around you are uplifted. 

Invest in You
and your worklife!


First-time Clients
$689 (Reg. $799)

Includes one CliftonStrengths

Full 34 Assessment Code

Installment payments available

Week 1: Prepare

Set your worklife intention and understand

your Clifton Strengths results.


Week 2 - 4: Discover and Appreciate

Explore, in-depth, your

top five strengths. 


Week 5: Apply

Strategize and act on the next step

to realize your ideal worklife. 



"The StrengthsCORE™ process generated a new sense of appreciation for my natural strengths and what I’m capable of achieving. The experience shifted my mindset. Kristina helped me examine many fulfilling moments in my professional life and connect these to my core strengths. Now, I have confidence in the kind of work that brings me joy and how to focus my energy ... with her guidance, I was able to create an opportunity at work that didn’t exist before. I now look forward to my work with new enthusiasm. I highly recommend Kristina’s coaching for anyone who is at a crossroads ..."

-A. Sauvie, Educator

"In our discussions, it was great to have that reinforcement of what makes me tick. Since coaching with you, I have been more focused on achieving my daily goals. I think this is a testament to your skills and to why many people who are successful have personal coaches."

- S. Planko, Engineering Manager

She sparked my enthusiasm and drive to take on a new work challenge with gusto when I had previously been overwhelmed and doubtful. I am forever grateful for her warm yet expert coaching."

– A. Slaughter, Project Manager

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