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You are the leader of your life at every stage of your career.


Career Management | Leadership & Well-Being | Worklife Fulfillment


Managing a career these days feels like navigating a boat at sea--the waters are ever-changing and land can appear out of reach.


To succeed, you recognize that your well-being as a leader is at the core of your performance and to your whole life's fulfillment. You want to deliver your best work in all that you do. Whether it is preparing for a career change, a big client meeting, a presentation or project, or up-leveling your performance, you aim to activate all of your strengths so you can feel confident and create momentum for a work-life that inspires you.


If you are already successful in your work life and want to take it to the next level, our leadership well-being strategies and coaching can help.


  • Improve leadership performance skills

  • Integrate well-being and mindfulness into your work life

  • Develop a high level of self-awareness & well-being

  • Envision and plan career transitions and transformations

  • Proactively transition to a career that intrinsically motivates 

  • Support team members to deliver their best work consistently

  • Understand the unique strengths of the individuals you lead every day

  • Optimize your strengths to maximize their overall team performance

  • Manage conflicting thinking and emotional reactions

  • Develop the ability to handle difficult conversations and improve communications

  • Experience greater work-life fulfillment and success

  • Inspire others through personal growth and leadership skills

  • Strengthen leadership skills to emerge as an established leader


There is no better time to improve your work-life experience than right now. Are you ready to make change happen? 


* To create the space and capacity for lasting change, we recommend a minimum of an eight-week or longer commitment.



Executives, Leaders, Professionals 
with Kristina Mercier, CPC, PCC
Conscious Leadership &
Well-Being Strategist Coach
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