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Individual services

Ready to get started now, or in a month--or two? Lock in our special 2020 program prices today for the Individual StrengthsCORE™ Essentials and Mastery programs. When paid in full, receive 35% off. Available until 12:00 PM EST, December 24, 2020.

Have questions about working with Core Momentum Group? Ready to get started? Book a 25-minute Discovery Call with Kristina Mercier. 

Essentials Program

Dip your toes in and learn how to transform your worklife experience by exploring, embodying, applying, and energizing your top five strengths. The six or eight-week StrenthsCORE™ Essentials program provides an effective introduction to the CliftonStrengths framework. Take the first step. Set yourself on a journey of self-awareness and a reenergized worklife.  

  • Six or eight one-hour learning and coaching sessions with Kristina, Certified Gallup Strengths Coach

  • Includes one CliftonStrengths 34 or Top 5 Assessment code

  • Pre, ongoing, and post-program worksheets that solidify learning and application

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The StrengthsCORE™ Mastery12-week program is a deep dive into fully optimizing, combining, and activating your top 10 strengths. Become skilled in how to accelerate your strengths to realize a long-held goal, make a career transition, or find a new opportunity through accelerating your strengths. Be the leader of your work life!

  • Kick-off with a Clifton Strengths framework introduction call

  • 12 one-hour learning and coaching sessions with Kristina, Certified Gallup Strengths Coach 

  • Includes one CliftonStrengths 34 Assessment code (you can gift to another person)

  • Pre, ongoing, and post-program worksheets that solidify learning and application

  • Personal email support throughout the program

1x Laser COaching

You have a choice to make, but feel stuck and unable to decide. Sometimes all you need is to pause and look at the big picture. And then, be guided through a focused breakthrough session that gets you moving forward or reveals a key behavior that is holding you back.


In 90 minutes, we move through the obstacles and find the next step to take, make a decision to move forward, change the conversation to the one you need to have, or create a mini-plan of action. 

  • One 90-minute highly focused laser coaching session

  • Pre and post-session worksheet to keep you focused and on track

  • Follow-up and check-in email

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coaching program

Are you ready to make a shift in your work life but not sure what you want to do? Or, perhaps you know what you want but need help in creating a plan of action. Worklife Transformation is an eight-week customized coaching program tailored to your needs, intentions, and commitment.


Step up and discover! This transformational 1:1 program reimagines, redefines, and recreates your most optimal work life experience.


An eight-week commitment is required. To learn more, book your discovery call now to have an initial chat with Kristina. 

Worklife Transformation
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