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The New People Leader for 2021 and Beyond

Success in the new work world as a team manager or people leader depends on much more than just getting the work done

Before the COVID hit, change was coming to the way we approach people management. The pandemic hastened the change and dropped us in a new frontier of work life experiences. As a result, people who lead people need new skills. They require a fine-tuned understanding of team members' strengths to optimize productivity in hybrid work environments. A fresh approach to people management that demands self-awareness, empathy, and trust is beckoning. We must strive to go from good to great.

Put simply, good people leaders get things done. Great people leaders get things done, actively support each team member's professional growth, and bond the team in a way that accelerates fulfilling engagement. They create inspiring work life experiences.

What we already knew: "In an analysis of 25 common skillsets today, researchers found that between 2016 and 2030, demand for social and emotional skills will grow across all industries by 26% in the United States and 22% in Europe." (Source: McKinsey)

What is even more clear to us now: In the current and coming post-covid workplace where so many of us are (for now) working remotely, and automation changes our work lives daily, the people leaders and managers who are skilled at other-awareness lead engaged, energized, productive, and fulfilled teams.

The good news is that through self-awareness, other-awareness naturally begins to develop.

What is other-awareness? Relative to the work with Core Momentum Group clients, it is defined as the ability to understand what positively drives and motivates others, the agility to tap into it, and create the space for autonomy, creativity, enhanced productivity, higher engagement, and fulfillment.

To be other-aware in a healthy and meaningful way, you must first be aware of what drives, motivates, and compels you. There are many ways to begin the journey of self-awareness at work. My recommendation is to dive into learning about your strengths via Core Momentum's Groups StrengthCORE™ Coaching Program for leaders and managers (and teams). It's a game-changer!


Side note: How many times have you taken an assessment, read it, and then tucked it away, never to refer to it again? StrengthsCORE™ is a customized program built around the results from Gallup's renowned CliftonStrengths Assessment. The client moves through discovering and appreciating of their unique set of Strengths to applying and accelerating them in real work life experiences.


Dealing with our current reality

Another apparent reason to work on self-awareness is that there is concern about how this past year affects our ability to get the work done. According to an enaible survey of corporate executives (85% of respondents had more than 4 out of 5 people working remotely at the highest point before answering the survey) found the following:

  • 84% are concerned about the ability of managers to manage remotely

  • 81% are concerned about a decrease in employee morale

  • 76% are concerned about a false read on productivity

  • 75% are concerned about home/life distractions

  • 74% are concerned about a lack of visibility on employees

Developing self and other-awareness tips the needle towards success for everyone in these times, but more so, gets us ahead of what is inevitable trends.

Get Inspired!

Get to the core and gain momentum to bring out the best of yourself. The world needs us all to step and share our gifts. No time to waste! If this got you thinking (and feeling something good), schedule a Discovery Call with Kristina today!

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