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An Agile Approach to Well-Being™

Assess and adapt to changing stress levels and stay on track

Our work lives have been upended this year, with so many of us now working from home. You might be one of the people experiencing higher levels of stress more consistently or feeling like it comes in waves disrupting our work experience.

Working at home means that work generated stress is there all day, too. While some of us can carry on during massive change, adapting to working from home, being disconnected physically from the office and co-workers, and maintaining high productivity levels keeps us feeling on edge. We are left wrestling with day-to-day stress, uncertainty, and the specter of "what will happen next."

91% of employees working from home reported experiencing moderate to extreme stress. (Ginger Research)

We all want to be focused, productive, and engaged. We want to feel accomplished and get work done at home, on zoom, over Slack, through email - and even on that ancient invention, the phone call.

The question is, "How do you bring your best self to your new work life experience every day?"

While there are endless articles these days about how leaders and managers can support their team and employees. Regardless of your role, however, we each have a responsibility to take ownership of our well-being as a people leader or teammate.

One way to take action is to practice The Agile Approach to Well-Being™. I cover this approach in detail during the MindfulCORE™ group program being launched in January 2021. But let's get a sneak peek here.

Basically, you assess your stress level each morning and adapt to it--before going to work. It's pretty simple, but sometimes doing simple things can be the most challenging. That said, it is a method anyone can practice, if committed, and hone a positive mindset and manage stress.

As an outcome, we cultivate a more peaceful presence where we can adapt to change, meet the day with more calm, and be an example of resilience at work.

Here's the simple take on it:

  1. Within the first 15 minutes of getting out of bed in the morning, practice The Big Belly Breath.

  2. Breathe normally and sit quietly for 5-10 minutes and just follow your breath in and out (I know that this can be the hard part when first starting out!).

  3. Then, ask yourself, "What one action does my body need me to take in this moment to support my peace of mind throughout the day?

  4. Take that action.

Did you know? Our body knows what will best keep our nervous system balanced before the mind knows. The problem is we are in the habit of ignoring what our body shares with us and we listen to the mind first which might be screaming, "I need caffeine!" What you really need is ten more minutes of stretching the kinks out of your back or a few plays of Joyful Girl by Soul Live.

Through the deep-dive work we do during the MindfulCORE™ program, you develop a collection of mindful practices that specifically inspire your unique set of strengths, increase your creativity, and energizes you to meet the day with confidence. Here are a few of my personal morning practice favorites:

  • Take a walk in nature

  • Read and contemplate an inspiring quote, poem, or essay

  • Do 10 slow and mindful Sun Salutations

  • Sit in meditation

  • Spend 15 minutes doing mindful stretching

  • Sing in the shower :)

  • Practice handstands

Doing one meaningful, mindful practice (or a couple) every morning can uplift you, increase productivity, and fortify resilience. Sounds nice, yes?

Check out the Core Momentum Group homepage to learn more about the MindfulCORE™ group starting in January 2012. I will love to hear from you if you are interested in joining the first small group.

Get Inspired!

Get to the core and gain momentum to bring out the best of yourself. The world needs us all to step and share our gifts. No time to waste! If this got you thinking (and feeling something good), schedule a Discovery Call with Kristina today!

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