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Worklife Leadership Coaching & Executive Well-Being Strategies
A fulfilling work-life is essential to you.

Delivering your best work, having the confidence to activate your strengths, and building the momentum to design a work-life that inspires are critical. Discover what you do best and do it every day.

Our Mission 


Core Momentum Group is dedicated to helping you engage, lead, and excel at work. Our work deepens self-awareness of personal strengths and values, maximizes capabilities, and builds fulfilling and inspiring work-life experiences where collaboration, creativity, and productivity thrive. 


Our Work


At Core Momentum Group, we offer conscious work-life strategies and coaching. We are trusted by emerging and established leaders, independent contributors, and executives to build a foundation for lasting change by improving their work-life experience through evidence-based coaching methods and approaches, all within a safe confidential coaching environment. 


We believe human-centered skills like creative collaboration, self-management, social awareness, and strengths-awareness are required competencies to manage change and remain productive in both the workplace and life. Our work beautifully blends these human-centered skills with other areas like conflict resolution, growth communications, leadership development, and well-being strategies to help our clients achieve work-life fulfillment, optimize their strengths, and act from their core values. 


We help our clients be bold, feel confident, and remain energized no matter what their industry, and help people thrive in an ever-evolving workplace. 


Our Clients


Our clients are ready to elevate their work-life experience and take their work lives to the next level. They are already successful but want something more. They want their work to matter and impact others while cultivating a strong sense of self.


By accessing mindfulness, cultivating self-awareness, and taking conscious action, we help our clients go from good to great. 


Whether you are a business owner, an executive, or a human resource leader looking to introduce your company to executive coaching, leadership workshops, or general tools to cultivate mindfulness and well-being amongst employees, we can help. Get to the core and gain momentum with the Core Momentum Group.



“Coach K helped me climb a worklife mountain in the amount of time it would have taken me to just catch a glimpse of the peak...” 

—  G.G., Entrepreneur

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