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Your work life changed this past year dramatically. Some of us are doing fine, but others' lives have been turned upside down--and inside out.


You feel called to do more, be more, share more with the world ... but how?

Do you transform your existing role? Transition to a new role? Exit, and start a passion project? 




Breakthrough Worklife Coaching Program

We all need support to make lasting transformations. Give the gift of time to yourself so you can share your best with others.


This self-awareness process leads you to the next step in your professional journey--and worklife fulfillment. 

When you are fulfilled, all those around you are uplifted. 

There is no time like the present to reimagine. Take advantage of this special 2021 introductory coaching offer from Worklife Transformation Coach Kristina Mercier, CPC.


Four weeks, four conversations, four outcomes. Don't let one more day pass. First-time clients receive 40% off!

Week One


Week Two


Week Three


Week Four


Invest in You
and your worklife!


First-time Clients Receive

40% off if booked

between January 1-15, 2021

$359 (Reg. $599)

or get 25% off if booked

between January 16-31, 2021


Four Powerful Coaching Sessions

with Kristina Mercier, CPC

Deliver Four Outcomes for You

Week One: Preparation

Set your worklife intention and understand

what you want from the program.


Week Two: Reimagine

Imagine a new worklife vision and discover

your ideal worklife experience. 


Week Three - Redefine

Claim your worklife values and realize

your worklife experience non-negotiables.


Week Four - Recreate

Strategize and act on the next step

to realize your ideal worklife. 


Book a 30-day Refresh session after completion

 of this program to reassess your progress.


About Kristina, CPC

Core Momentum Group is dedicated... help people deepen their self-awareness, maximize their capabilities, and contribute to a world where we all engage our strengths, do what we do best, and experience success at work. 

"When given the opportunity, doing the work we are naturally good at thrills us. We wake in the morning, expectant of the coming day. We consistently deliver our best work—our mindset uplifts. Work energizes us. We live more fully.


Facilitating worklife transformations for as many  professionals, leaders, and teams as possible is what drives me every day."​

Have questions? Connect directly with Kristina and ask away! 

Coaching | Training | Facilitation


"Her fresh view and probing techniques to identify the main issues were a great help. I would highly recommend Kristina’s program to anyone who is in a transition or looking to more clearly define his or her goals both professionally and personally.” 

- L. Halladay, SVP Business Development

“I can’t say enough about this program. It came about at a critical time in my professional life so I believe there was a reason I was a part of it. The process is very powerful and I am currently using it to make decisions about my life situation. This was truly inspiring.”

- P. Sarkisian, Training Director

She sparked my enthusiasm and drive to take on a new work challenge with gusto when I had previously been overwhelmed and doubtful. I am forever grateful for her warm yet expert coaching."

– A. Slaughter, Project Manager

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